The Leeds International Piano Competition

The 2015 Leeds International Piano Competition opens next week in the UK.

From August 26 to September 13, 69 pianist will compete for the grand prize of £20,000 GBP (just shy of 32,000 USD).

Linsay Garritson, 28, Julia Hamos, 23, and Drew Petersen, 21, are the three U.S competitors who were selected to participate.

This competition is regarded as “one of the world’s most prestigious piano competitions.” According to, the awards earned hold a long term significance and are highly valued among professional pianists.

The competition is held every three years. The 2012 grand prize was awarded to Italian pianist Federico Colli.

To select the winners, organizers say, the jury relies on “a combination of factors; musical refinement, versatility, sensitivity and passion, as well as commitment and the strength to take on an international concert career.”

For rules and preparation for the 2018 competition, visit

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