Getting Started

The Santa Monica Conservatory of Music offers weekly 30, 45, and 60-minute private music lessons. Tuition rates are monthly for both children and adults. 

Free Trial Lesson (For kids only)

Parents are invited to request a free trial lesson by submitting this form,  or by calling the front desk at (310)576-3600. SMCM affords this courtesy to young students (18 and under) as a special moment to become acquainted, and to find chemistry with the teacher who will become very important to his/her musical growth and development for many years to come. Try to schedule your trial lesson on a day and at a time that could become your weekly lesson time.

Choosing an instrument

Finding the right instrument for your child can be difficult but is an important factor in your child’s musical success. Have your child look at instruments, observe them being played by students as well as by professionals. Most importantly, have them listen to determine the instrument’s pure sound to find one that “speaks” to them. Each of us like and are drawn to certain sounds without knowing why, and this can unveil a deeper subconscious attraction that is particularly valuable when choosing an instrument.
If your child is younger than five please understand the purpose behind playing an instrument at such a young age. It should be to gain a healthy head start into the world of music making and all the related benefits. Because of size, piano, and violin are the most popular instruments for children under five. These instruments can help build a foundation for your child to choose a different instrument at a later age, should they want to do so.
From ages five to eight, to the violin and piano we can add viola, cello, flute/fife and guitar/ukulele, because these instruments can be manufactured in particularly small sizes.
From age 9 and as children get older, some will move on and experiment with other instruments. With age comes the physical strength required to play brass instruments, woodwinds, or larger string instruments. It’s important to make sure that your child and his/her instrument are physically similar in size and there is a good level of comfort in holding and transporting it.

We have added a brief description of the instruments we teach at the conservatory. Click here to browse throught our list of instrument lessons available at the conservatory.



Now that you’ve chosen your instrument, or even if you still have favorites and are exploring, it’s time to take the SMCM tour and think about a trial lesson on your no.1 favorite instrument.

Question: do you already have an instrument, or is your instrument piano or voice? SMCM can provide a violin, a guitar, or a flute/fife for a trial lesson.
Our facility is open from 11am-7pm every weekday, and 9am-2pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Feel free to call (310)576-3600 and schedule an appointment for a tour, or just come in any time to visit the Conservatory. One of our front desk associates will provide you with a tour of our facility. This is also an ideal opportunity to schedule a trial lesson.