Is my child too young to play Piano?

A parent called the Santa Monica Conservatory of Music to ask what age is appropriate to begin piano lessons. These are the answers some of our piano instructors gave us.

Basia Bochenek -  Piano Instruction “I have taught children as young as three. I think the most important thing is that the parent is aware that the focus should be on having fun at that age and that it will take time before he/she will actually start playing. Movevement/singing is usually how I start with children that young and slowly begin to introduce piano playing depending on child’s motivation.” — Basia Bochenek, Piano Instructor


Tim Redfield | Jazz Piano Instruction“Depends on the child; natural talent, ear training, hands and reading ability.Three is the earliest I’d say. Fun, 15 minute lessons.” — Tim Redfield, Piano Instructor

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