Osalla, Irene | Piano

Osalla, Irene  | Piano

Irene Osalla brings over 17 years of teaching experience to the conservatory. She started out directing and accompanying a church children’s choir at a young age and has continued her passion for teaching ever since.
Irene holds a degree in music education from Azusa Pacific University and currently teaches private piano lessons as well as piano and violin to pre-K thru elementary classrooms in Santa Monica and Palisades area schools. Although favored by young students, Irene has successfully taught ages ranging from 2 through 72! Patient and energetic, Irene introduces musicality and proper technique in creative, fun ways.

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  1. It’s hard to express how lucky we feel to have landed with Irene, piano teacher for my son, and Circe, cello teacher for my daughter (and for me, too!) We’ve been coming every week to SMCM for a long time and the experience is everything we could hope for and more. Irene and Circe are extraordinary musicians, educators, and people. My kids enjoy every lesson, even as they are being challenged. As a parent I also appreciate the formality of the school system, where students and teachers are part of (and accountable to) a larger body, full of diverse ages and instruments, coming together often for free concerts and recitals. In no small part thanks to their patient, creative, energetic, disciplined, warm, inspiring, talented teachers, musicmaking is for my kids both fun and serious, and also POSSIBLE. They feel capable of making music, and they do! (Needless to say I’ve observed many of SMCM’s other teachers in action, too, and the caring and professionalism seems to be across the board.)

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