Director’s Welcome

Welcome to the Santa Monica Conservatory of Music.
Since 2002, we are proud to have been providing high quality music instruction for children and adults alike in Santa Monica and the Westside communities. Our commitment to this community has also grown every year, with outreach, donations, scholarships, and free family concerts open to the public.
The success of our students has been phenomenal, and due to the demand for our services, we expanded in 2011 into 3500 sq.ft. creative space at 15th St. and Colorado Ave. Here we have 25 instructors, many with doctorate degrees that provide excellent instruction in every orchestral instrument as well as piano, guitar, and voice and Jazz.

Our beautiful facility features:

  • Nine state-of-the-art large soundproof instruction rooms with glass doors
  • A large performance space with seating for 80
  • An elegant stage with a 6’9″ concert grand piano
  • Three comfortable lounge areas with free wi-fi for doing homework, work, or passing time
  • Easy and safe drop-off /pick-up in our own large parking lot.
  • A wonderful health food market a two-minute walk away

Many of the greatest hearts and minds in human history were privileged as children with an education in music. And the benefits of music making in our youth are evermore heralded by the experts as decisive during our development.
If as a parent you’ve made the decision to invest in a musical education for your child, you should know that we at the Conservatory have found that there exists a great disparity in the private lesson marketplace, in the quality of lessons, and in the return on that investment of time, commitment, and resources. Students are better able to focus, learn, absorb and retain their music instruction in a professionally dedicated learning environment than anywhere else. Homes and apartments are not usually considered as such. Likewise, music teachers will privately admit that they also teach better in professional spaces.
As a 7 year old cello student my first lessons were in a home, but then both the quality of my lessons as well as my playing drastically improved when I upgraded to a teacher at a school. Now, as a father and a teacher I see this to be true with my own two children, the few times I’ve tried to teach them music lessons in our home.
In this regard, the Santa Monica Conservatory is uniquely positioned to provide the quality and the return, in learning and growth. Reviews declare: “This outstanding teaching, since its opening in 2002, has had a major impact on the already established musical programs in the Santa Monica, Brentwood and Pacific Palisades public and private schools.”
John Redfield, Director